Shaping Louisiana’s Future: Your Journey, Our Priority

Setting a vision for Louisiana transportation today to meet the transportation needs of the future.
Transportation is about moving people and goods safely and efficiently within the state and across the country. In a world with ever-changing transportation needs and technological advancement, it is important for the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development to prepare and update plans regularly. This enables Louisiana to effectively manage the entire transportation system and ensure system longevity as the transportation sector continues to evolve. Last updated in 2015, the DOTD is currently updating the Statewide Transportation Plan, which will be complete in 2025.

The modal plans are also being updated, and information related to those plans will be included here.

Louisiana’s Transportation Future

A first step in developing the Statewide Transportation Plan is thinking about what the future may look like. DOTD invited Futurist, Matt Griffin from 311 Institute to share trends and influences that may have an impact on transportation in Louisiana. Matt spoke at the Visioning Workshop for transportation stakeholders in June.

Goals and Objectives

To guide the decision-making processes, DOTD will establish a series of goals and objectives that will be used throughout the planning process to inform the Plan and lay a framework for the future of Louisiana’s transportation system. These goals and objectives are meant to prioritize the needs and desires of Louisianans and anticipate shifting transportation needs in the coming years. Through stakeholder and public input, DOTD will be able to solidify these goals and objectives, which can be used as performance measures to evaluate the success of the Plan.


Approximate timeline outlining the planning schedule, public engagement activities, and important dates.

  • Step 1

    Review current Louisiana statewide plans and regional transportation plans.
    Survey Legislators to gather input from a policy perspective.

  • Step 2

    Conduct a comprehensive statewide public survey to determine existing and future transportation preferences and priorities to help plan how and where limited transportation funding should be invested.

  • Step 3

    Conduct a visioning workshop to define the vision, goals, objectives, and performance measures.

  • Step 4

    Perform socioeconomic characteristics analysis, examine existing and emerging trends, and forecast future travel demand to identify future performance-based multimodal modal needs and ways to improve transportation efficiency.

  • Step 5

    Develop a financial plan to understand how much federal and state funding will be available to invest over the next 30 years.

  • Step 6

    Compile a draft plan and gather feedback through extensive stakeholder and public outreach, including tribal and underserved populations, to help prioritize investments.

  • Step 7

    Present and implement the final plan.

Your voice matters

Join the conversation, influence the Statewide Transportation Plan. Your input today paves the way for safer, more efficient journeys tomorrow. Stay connected, stay informed.

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